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One Set Comedy Play Scripts Ideal For Local Theatre


These scripts were written with YOUR theatre group in mind; a little  spicy, a little saucy and lots of great roles for female actors! Use the contact form to let us know which plays you want more information about, and we'll answer all your questions and send you a script.

The 1984 Dalmar Biker War

Actors doing physical comedy in a play by Chris McKerracher

(For 5 Women and 3 Men) 

A  prim town manager and an over-sexed Mayor must work together to lead the town staff in fighting an invasion by an outlaw biker gang. This  play effectively uses an element of "theatre of the mind" during the  exciting battle scenes. Despite suggestive themes, there is no actual  kissing required. 

Mystery of the Gold Rush Murders

A creepy looking house is the setting for Mystery of the Gold Rush Murders

(For 6 Women and 2 Men)

This  play, more spooky than funny, follows an online dating couple who meet  in person for the first time in a rustic cabin near the site of the  California Gold Rush. The cabin, however, houses the spirit of a  murdered woman who won't let them escape until they have solved the  mystery of who killed her.

Fun plays to Perform with Lots of Female Roles

A Little Dickens on the Air (a Christmas play)

A community theatre group, the East of 60 Players perform a play by Chris McKerracherMc

 (For 5 Women, 2 Men and 1 any gender)

A hybrid of regular play and "Radio Play for the Stage", this fun to perform Christmas yarn concerns a cast of voice actors doing the Scrooge story in the 1940s who must carry on despite missing half of their cast or lose their jobs. Lots of room for comedic, pre-planned "ad-libs" to keep things rolling during narration

The Dangers of V D (Valentine's Day)

A cast photo from a production of The Dangers of V D (Valentines Day)

(For 4 Women and 2 Men)

Three  generations of the Dyck family living in one house experience the difference in Valentines Day at different stages of life, providing with great laughs throughout. This play includes a minor set change for a hysterically funny minimal set restaurant scene which will definitely bring down the house.

The Crimson Cap Ladies Save the Day


(For 7 Women and 2 Men)

This  is the first of the quadrilogy which features four older women in a small  town social club, known as The Crimson Cap Ladies. On one of their monthly excursions, they get trapped in the seedy town bar fearing for their lives as people go  missing, then return acting like zombies! Of course an alien invasion is blamed.

The Crimson Cap Ladies Catch a Con


 (For 5 Women and 2 Men)

The  second in the Crimson Cap series finds the ladies welcoming a new  member. The girls are held captive when they discover the new member  isn't what she seems. This episode requires one male to play both a  British granny and an escaped male convict.

The Crimson Cap Ladies Take on Vegas


 (For 7 Women and 3 Men)

The  Crimson Cappers go to Las Vegas for the World Crimson Cap Convention  and get involved with international diamond smugglers as Millie gets  kidnapped. Lots of laughs with twists and turns in the mystery to keep  audiences guessing.

The Crimson Cap Ladies Bare it All

The cast of the Chris McKerracher play, The Crimson Cap Ladies Bare it All

 (For 7 Women and 3 Men)

The  Crimson Cap Ladies end up accidentally booked into a nudist resort on a  secluded island with no way back to the mainland for a week.  Complications abound as they try to keep a virginal niece raised by her  Mom in the wilds of Northern Alberta away from seeing anything  scandalous.

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Two volunteers work the door for another fun play for community theatre groups.

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About the Playwright

Chris McKerracher - Playwright for Community Theatre Plays

Ready to Help

Chris  McKerracher is a prolific author and playwright from Alberta, Canada. Chris has an impressive collection of hilarious, inventive plays which have  been performed for many enthusiastic audiences at dinner theatres in the central Alberta  region. Besides writing these plays, Chris also directed many of them and acted in a few (when there weren't enough male actors available!)

Being an actor who writes plays, Chris understands the challenges of learning lines and avoids long monologues. Dialogue naturally flows to make memorization somewhat easier.
Chris includes director consultancy at no extra charge in the royalty fee to discuss the play and provide tips about the set and dialogue. 

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