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Royalty-free plays help cash-strapped amateur theatres save a little money and provides an opportunity to help new playwrights get established.

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The Last Comedienne


It's a start!

Community Theatre Plays is proud to share these royalty-free play scripts and are looking forward to more entries in the near future. The first is Chris McKerracher's The Last Comedienne.

Special thanks to playwright Sharon Reichert  who has generously agreed to add her one act piece, "Inaccurate Conceptions" which is found below.

Performance Details

The Last Comedienne is a one act play for four actors (3F, 1M) with an approximate running time of 35 minutes.

Plot Summary

Three female comics vie for the $100,000 prize in the National Comedienne Joke-Off. Between their 5 minute gigs they share why they do comedy and what the prize would mean to their lives.


Brock Benton - Master of Ceremonies

Fanny "Granny" Foote - A beloved, long time comic on "the circuit".

Mercedes Ellington - Bitter veteran of the circuit wanting to escape it.

Eleanor Brown - Newcomer to the circuit hoping to jumpstart her comedy career.

Setting and set

Perfect for The Fringe or other festivals, the set consists of just three chairs. The only props needed are a mic and a slice of pizza (optional). 

The play is set in modern times somewhere in North America.

Link to The Last Comedienne

The Nature of the Beast


by Chris McKerracher

Great laughs galore in this look at gossip. As four women come and go in a doctor's waiting room, they each talk about the others who are absent.


 All four roles, Pat, Karen, Fran and Alexa are for older adult women. 


The set can be as simple as a few chairs and a coffee table or end tables with magazines or as elaborate as a full doctor's waiting room.


You can change the names of the characters in your production if it will appeal more to your target audience for any reason, poling fun at friends, for example!

Inaccurate Conceptions


by Sharon Reichert

Ms. Reichert is an Alberta-based playwright who loves all thngs theatre including writing, acting and directing. She is the recipient of the Best Director award in the  2018 Alberta Drama Festival Association provincial competition.


Four friends (three females and one male) discuss romance, break up and honesty in the new millennium. 

Approximate run time is 20 minutes.


Joanne - Neatral friend

Angela - Owen's girlfriend

Lisa - Interested in Owen

Owen - Wants to dump Angela for Lisa... or does he?


The play is set in a modern living room in the afternoon.

Link to Inaccurate Conceptions